LE 3-Mag Kangaroo Pouch


Color: Black

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LE 3-Mag Kangaroo Pouch will hold 3 AR15 magazines that are retained by a combination of a high friction material on the inside of the pouch and elastic webbing on the outside of the pouch. The pouch will mount on a hook and loop surface, often found on ballistic protective vests. The LE 3-Mag Kangaroo Pouch is designed to be compatible with the LE Front MOLLE Panel and LE Front Flat Panel and must be covered by either one of these products, or covered by hook and loop cummerbund that will cover and retain the sides on the LE 3-Mag Kangaroo Pouch. 

Unique Features:

  • Specially developed to fit low-vis protective vests
  • Will fit 3 AR15 magazines
  • Will allow for a fast draw of the magazine
  • Easy insertion of the magazines
  • Mounts directly on "velcro" loop

Technical data: 

Weight: 85g 


Hight: 15 cm
Width: 22 cm


Mil-spec Cordura

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