Tardigrade Tactical is a proud sponsor of danish IPSC-competing Danish Kydex Shooting Team!

Learn more about the team here: Danish Kydex Shooting Team 


Tardigrade Tactical - Danish Kydex collaboration:

By combining the knowledge of textile design, kydex holster design and competitive shooting, Tardigrade Tactical, Danish Kydex and the Danish Kydex Shooting Team have collaborated in the process of developing the world most innovate, comfortable and practical IPSC specific shooting belt on the market: the "Quantum - Shooter Belt" based on the same patented concept as the "Quantum - Duty & Gunfighter Belt" 




Danish Kydex is a trusted partner of Tardigrade Tactical and the owner and designer at Danish Kydex, Dolff a 'friend of the house' here at the Tardigrade HQ. 

Meet the founder of Danish Kydex

Rasmus Wordolff

If you are in need of a service- or competition kydex holster for your pistol we highly recommend that you check out the Danish Kydex holsters at: 


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