MCRS - Modular Chest Rig System
- a complete, versatile and modular system -

How to combine your chest rig system:

MCRS - Modular Chest Rig System is a system of fronts, harnesses and accessories. It is therefore important that you choose all the correct components so that you end up with a complete and usable chest rig. 

We use letters to guide you through the selection process: 
When combining components you have to follow the letters A, B, C etc.

For most rigs you have to combine the components to reach the combination: A, B, C and D. 

Here's an example:

In this photo, the final chest rig is a combination of the following components, (disregarding the magazine pouches mounted to the chest rig): 

MCRS - Infantry Chest Rig Front, Size 6 (A)
MCRS - Y-Harness (BC)
MCRS - Back Strap, Size 1 (D)


If you choose to start with the "MCRS - Infantry Chest Rig Front - Plackart Ready" you have to reach the combination A, B, C, D, E + F.

"E" is for the pair of Metal G-Hooks that allows you to mount the front to whatever harness (B,C) you choose. We sell the Metal G-Hooks separately to cut the cost of the front itself. This allows you to use your own G-Hooks in case you already have some. 

"F" is the "MCRS - MOLLE Plackart" that attaches to the front of this chest rig front. If you want to be able to quickly switch between more plackarts, you can buy more of these as they are sold as individual components.


MCRS Back Straps:

The "D" is for Back Straps. The Back strap will attach to each sides of whatever front you choose and will be the straps that goes behind you lower back to keep the chest rig close to you body. 

To choose the correct size, you have to take into account that different sizes of fronts obviously has different widths. The combination of the length of the Back Strap and the width of the front will be the circumference of the combination. 

The MCRS - Back Strap has a removable piece of elastic webbing that allows to to make the strap even smaller, if needed - keep in mind that you will then loose the elastic ability of the back strap! 

See this table to find what size of Back Straps will work for your combination. 

Extra accessories

"E" covers the extra accessories to choose for your combination of components. Don't forget to read which components each extra accessory is compatible with! 

 More examples of configurations: