LE Front Flat Panel 1.0


Color: Black

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LE Front Flat Panel will mount on any protective vest with a loop on the surface of the vest. The LE Front Flat Panel has 4 build-in compartments that will items like notebooks, smartphones, radios, tourniquets, or other similar items that need to carry in a discrete way. 

The LE Front Flat Panel 1.0 has an expanding bottom that allows for thicker items such as a radio to be carried safely. 

We recommend you to consider upgrading with our LE Upgrades - Simple Cover or LE Upgrades - Elevator Cover, to add more safety and functionality. 


Hight: 15 cm
Width: 52 cm

Build in compartments: 

14,5 cm
13,0 cm
10,0 cm
14,5 cm

Weight: 110g


Mil-spec Cordura 
Velcro Hook and Loop

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