In collaboration with SET Breaching and European special forces units: 

The Breacher Crowbar Carrier / MultiPry Carrier



The Breacher Crowbar Carrier / MultiPry Carrier is designed to carry the SET Breaching / 5.11 MultiPry - an industry-leading breaching tool preferred by many military and police units around the world. 

Together, the system is one- or two-man operated and has been designed to provide a fast draw of the MultiPry, without compromising on safety. 

The bottom of the pouch protects the operator and the vehicle or boat, the unit is deployed with, as it leaves the sharp tip on the tool unexposed. 

The top of the carrier limits the rotation of the angled part of the MultiPry and protects the operator's neck from injury in case, the operator falls or is struck by an object or person. 

The Breacher Crowbar Carrier / MultiPry Carrier features MOLLE on the outside of the pouch and can be upgraded with a specialized hammer carrier. The video shows the Breacher Hammer Carrier mounted onto the Breacher Crowbar Carrier / MultiPry Carrier. 

The complete system can be acquired from SET Breaching: 

SET Breaching

The carrier can be acquired directly from Tardigrade Tactical: