HIGGS OCR Weight vest

The slick design of the vest and boson plates gives you a high level of mobility and the opportunity to transform any activity into a resistance exercise while having a high level of comfort as the vest becomes an extension of the body.

We know how gear should perform in the real world, where fancy filters or camera angles don't matter.

Our inspiration for the Higgs OCR Weight vest and Boson Plates comes from experience from domestic training and international military deployments. 

The vest is equipped with a variety of different features, which we continue to improve and develop to keep up with the demands of the users and the market.


- Boson plates designed with the "swimmers cut" for the best fit

- Adjustable straps intentionally designed for OCR, Allows the user to adjust the vest to a perfect fit even during movement.

- Slick design

- High comfort

- More options for upgrades

- Cummerbunds in 3 sizes

The Boson Plates, made from steel, are triple curved with the ”swimmers-cut” which distributes the weight between the chest and the shoulders. The cut also makes our vest fit both women and men perfectly.