MCRS - Back Strap (D)


Color: MultiCam
Size: 1

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We are working on getting all MCRS components in stock in Ranger Green and MultiCam. Some versions will be stocked in Black, but not all components of the system...
Custom/pre-orders are possible with all colors - lead times may vary. Expect no less than 3 weeks, some times even longer as we will integrate custom orders into the manufacturing of other products. If you want to know current lead times, send us an e-mail or reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram. 

So why do we do pre-orders instead of just making and stocking all colors from the beginning? With this many different types of system-components it would be a very difficult task for us to do. Also we want to avoid manufacturing more than needed and avoid having products in stock that will never leave the shelves. 
By opening up for pre-orders, we make sure that you get the color and the type you buy, faster. Also this allows us to target our products for our customers a lot more precise. 
All colors will show as being "in stock". This basically just means that they are available to order. Our current online store system does not allow for orders of products that are out of stock. 

Product information: 


The MCRS Back Strap (D) is compatible with all MCRS fronts. 

It has a removable and adjustable elastic piece that helps to keep the chest rig tight around your torso. 

The MCRS - Back Strap (D) comes in two sizes: 

Size 1: 33 cm - 80 cm

Size 2: 33 cm -100 cm 

The sizes are the size of the Back Strap itself. This length must be added to the width of the chest rig front it will be mounted to. 

This table shows you the total circumference of each combination: 

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