XCaliber - Universal Rifle Magazine Pouch (V2022) - Ranger Green



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The XCaliber – Universal Rifle Magazine Pouch, accepts a very broad spectrum of sizes of rifle magazines from the AR-15 magazine to the AK47, the G36 to the HK417 magazine. The XCaliber will fit up to two magazines of the AR-15 platform as well as two magazines of the AK47 platform. 

The XCaliber is designed with two purposes in mind: one is that it can be used as a “speed reload pouch” when one magazine is inserted into the pouch. The top of the pouch will stay open, when empty and allow for fast and efficient insertion of a new magazine. The secondary purpose is that the XCaliber will fit two magazines when additional ammunition is required for an operation – a lesson learned from having to carry extra magazines in pant pockets other places where the magazine will not be immediately accessible during firefights.

Unique Features:

  • Fast reloads in one move!
  • Fits almost any rifle magazine in the world
  • Will fit two AR-15 or AK47

Technical specifications:

Weight:  78g

Why V2022? Me made some changes in the construction of the pouch, making it easier to manufacture. Functionality and features are identical to the original design. 

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