Universal Hand Grenade Pouch - Ranger Green



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The Universal Hand Grenade Pouch fits most hand grenades on the modern battlefield, including the F1 hand grenade being used in the current conflict in Ukraine (June 2023). 

- Adjustable lid to make the pouch fit the height of the specific grenade. 
- Perforated lid to help grip and stabilize tall grenades, like the F1. 
- Perforations on the side of the pouch, to secure the safety lever of the grenade. 
- 25 mm side release buckle for easy open and closure. We do not choose smaller buckles, just because the pouch is smaller. A smaller pouch does not make your hands smaller, or smaller buckles less fragile. Our products are designed for combat, not photo-shoots. 

NB! This pouch does NOT fit the danish army hand grenade! 

Photos of the the operator using the Universal Hand Grenade Pouch, kindly shared the photos with us, from his deployment to Ukraine. 

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