Tacticool Julehjerte, Black + Blue



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The traditional woven Christmas heart for decorating your home or Christmas tree, now in a combination of materials and colors from our production. To bring joy and Christmas spirit with a twist of "tactical" into your holidays. 

A DIY kit of two sides and a piece of cord to hang the Christmas heart on a branch or whatever you feel like hanging it on... 

Durable and long lasting materials will enable the Christmas heart to endure indoor and outdoor application, with a much higher load bearing capacity that the average woven Christmas heart. Some parts will be NIR, some will not. We recommend doing your own testing with your NVG before bringing it on high risk night-raids. 

Made from assorted types of Cordura/nylon textiles ranging from 200D to 1100D. 

This product is a DIY kit of 1 Christmas heart and is delivered in separate parts that you will assemble yourself. 
Estimated time for assembly: 2 - 30 minutes, depending on your level of Christmas spirit and motivation in general. 

For decorative purposes only. Do not microwave. Hand wash with two hands only. 
Only to be used as a Christmas present at your own risk. 

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