Maritime - Upgrade 1 - Cummerbund + Flap, Size M


Color: MultiCam

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Includes: Cummmerbund (left and right side) + flap to mount on the rear of the US NSW's current Plate Carrier. 

This product is pre-order only. 

Cummerbund is identical with the cummerbund in the Base Line - XMPC Plate Carrier - Size M. 

The flap that covers the rear portion on the Plate Carrier and therefore the rear portion of the cummerbund is compatible with the MCRS and MBACS system (but NOT directly compatible with the Danish army's body armor system).

The MBACS (Modular Ballistic Armor Carrier System) - Reinforced, Curved Cummerbund is a cummerbund designed to mount onto a plate carrier, using the build-in hook and loop. 

Special Features: 

Curved, ergonomic design: improving the fit with the human body, while placing the cummerbund slighty higher to the front of the plate carrier, allowing a slight offset between the front and the rear plate pocket. This offset is intented to actually allign the rear and the front plate pocket. 

We found that rear plate pockets of current plate carriers usually ride too low on the body. By offsetting this via the curved cummerbund, the rear plate pocket will ride sligthy higher, while keeping the same "feeling" of the height of the cummerbund and the front plate pocket. 

This also ensures that any added side plate pockets can be mounted higher and and therefore will cover vital organs (heart and lungs) better that if the side plate was molunted higher. 

Reinforced with CURV material on the inside to give a more rigid platform for pouches or side plates mounted to the cummerbund. The CURV material only covers the top portion of the cummerbund. This allows the bottom of the cummerbund to be more flexible which increases comfort during movement. 

Supports side plate pockets that are stabilized via hook and loop, with the added line of loop (female Velcro) on the inside of the top of the cummerbund. 

Supports MOLLE compatible pouches to be mounted on the outside and the inside (directly onto the CURV material) of the cummerbund.

Elastic material that allows for the expansion of the torso during heavy breathing. 

This cummerbund is included in the MBACS - Base Line XMPC Plate Carrier, Size M

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