Solo - Rifle Magazine Pouch - V2 - Ranger Green


Color: Ranger Green

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The Solo - Rifle Magazine Pouch - V2 is a simple and practical pouch for carrying a single rifle magazine. 

This "V2" version is an improved version of the original "Solo - Rifle Magazine Pouch", with the following improvements:

*Constructed from 1000D Cordura to the give the pouch more stability when inserting a magazine. (old version was constructed from 500D). 

*Now features MOLLE/PALS attachment on the front that allows for 1 or 2 column MOLLE pouches to be attached. Now you can stack either another Solo, a Speed Reload Pouch, Pistol or a Speed Reload Pouch, Rifle on the front of the pouch. 

*Added space for more types of magazines:

Compatible with the following magazines:

AK74 or similar 5,45/5,56 calibres in this rifle type. 

Technical specs: 

Weight: 40g

H: 13,5 cm
W: 8,0 cm
D: 3,0 cm


Cordura 1000D
Cordura 500D
500D/500D Squadron B52 or PalsTex Laminate.  

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