LE Top MOLLE Panel


Color: Black

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The LE Top MOLLE Panel mounts on the front of ballistic protective vests with a "velcro" loop on the surface and adds MOLLE for mounting pouches and loop for mounting name tags and patches. 

The gap behind the MOLLE part will allow cables to be routed through the openings near each shoulder strap or through the laser-cut lines that create the "MOLLE". This means that you can route a cable through one of the openings near the shoulder strap and have the cable exit anywhere on the front where it's needed.

MOLLE: 5 rows, 6 columns 


Height: 38,5 cm (including flaps). 25,0 cm (from mid top to mid bottom) 
Width: 25 cm

Weight: 85g 


Mil-spec Cordura 
Laminated Mil-Spec Cordura
High-quality Hook and Loop

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