LE Note 2 Pouch


Color: Black

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The Note 2 Pouch can be mounted directly onto a ballistic protective vest with a "velcro" loop on the surface and can hold items such as notebooks, smartphones or other similar items that need to carry in a discrete way. 

The Note 2 Pouch is an evolutionary step up from the traditional and very popular LE Notebook Pouch adding a few improvements: 

The Note 2 Pouch has 2 external compartments for markers or ball pens. This allows for bigger notebooks being carried in the main compartment so that pens and notebooks are not carried in the same compartment. 

Another update is the fact the marker-compartments will help the edges of the pouch stay closer to the vest and effectively securing the pouch better to the vest, by preventing the edges for lifting away from the velcro on the vest. 

We recommend you to consider upgrading with our LE Upgrades - Simple Cover or LE Upgrades - Elevator Cover, to add more safety and functionality. 


Hight: 15 cm
Width: 21 cm
Weight: 50g


Mil-spec Cordura 
Velcro Hook and Loop

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