LE Front MOLLE Panel 1.4 Narrow


Color: Black

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The LE Front MOLLE Panel 1.4 Narrow will mount directly onto a ballistic protective vest with a loop on the surface of the vest and will add 4 columns and 5 rows of MOLLE to the front of the vest. The LE Front MOLLE Panel 1.4 Narrow is designed to upgrade an existing low-vis or discrete vest with MOLLE so that MOLLE compatible pouches can be mounted.

The LE Front MOLLE Panel 1.4 Narrow features a build-in compartment on each side of the MOLLE part, for storing items like notebooks, radios, smartphones, or similar. 

The LE Front MOLLE Panel 1.4 Narrow is easily mounted or dismounted to the front of a protective vest and can be used as an emergency add-on, during high-thread situations, where an IFAK or rifle magazines are required, without the user having to carry these all the time. The LE Front MOLLE Panel 1.4 Narrow can be stowed away under a car seat until it is needed. 

We also make a similar product that includes holders for ballistic side plates, for high-thread situations. Get in touch with us, if your department or unit would need this feature! 

We recommend you to consider upgrading with our LE Upgrades - Simple Cover or LE Upgrades - Elevator Cover, to add more safety and functionality. 


Hight: 15 cm
Width: 52 cm

Build in compartments: 

14,5 cm
14,5 cm

Weight: 150g


Mil-spec Cordura 
Laminated Mil-Spec Cordura
High quality Hook and Loop

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