LE Baton Pouch 3


Color: Black

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LE Baton Pouch 3 is specially designed to fit the large baton issued by the Danish police. 

The LE Baton Pouch 3 will mount onto MOLLE and features a strip of velcro loop on the outside, in case the pouch will be used under a velcro cummerbund.

The lips of the pouch help the user to easily guide the baton back into the pouch after use. 

Holes and the bottom of the pouch will help drain water or dirt from the LE Baton Pouch 3. 

Technical specs: 

Weight: 30 g 


Lenght: 21 cm (including lip)
Widht: 6 cm 


Laser cut laminated MIL-spec Cordura

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