Boson Plate 2900g

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The Boson Plate 2900g is designed based on the shape of "swimmers cut" ballistic plates, to allow for a high level of movement and to follow the curvature of the human body.

Unisex fit: 

From the beginning we were very focused on testing the cut of the plate with female athletes, so make sure that the plate fits both the male and female anatomy. The triple-curve design will fit both the chest and the back


2900g per plate
(2 x 2900g = 5800g)

W: 24,0 cm
H: 30,0 cm
D: 0,6 cm

This product consists of ONE SINGLE plate. To purchase a set of 2 plates, please follow this link: 2 x Boson Plates 2900g

NB! This plate offers NO ballistic protection and should NEVER be used as body armor. 

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