DKBAC - "DELTA" LVL IIIA + 55J - Ballistic Soft Armor Insert - Size S



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Ballistic soft armor insert for DKBAC compatible armor carriers. 


Manufactured in Denmark by ProtectionGroup Danmark. 

Thread level:
LVL IIIA (NIJ 0101.04) 
NIJ 0115.00 knife resistance: S1/G blade (55 Joules) with a penetration below 20mm
For warranty information, contact:

Ballistic inserts of any kind are not subject for returns as they are labeled with an expiration date and due to the fact that we cannot guarantee the safety of a ballistic panel for another customer, if the ballistic protective product has not been in our possession. This is our policy, so that you as a customer can be assured that you are getting a brand-new, unused ballistic protective vest 

Please reach out to us if you have any doubts about sizing. 

The DKBAC Armor cut is inspired by the famous BALCS/SPEAR armor cut developed and used by the US Military for decades. We changed the dimensions of the wings to be more even in size and removed the "ears/flaps" to enable for simpler and cheaper shapes of armor carrier (vests). 

DKBAC panels and carriers are not designed to be compatible with BALCS armor or carriers! 

Each size of the DKBAC panels corresponds to the size of the same size of "SAPI cut" rifle plates.

Are you a manufacturer and do you want to adopt the DKBAC to your vests? Reach out to us and we will provide you with necessary files for the shape of the soft armor panels. 

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