MCRS - Infantry Chest Rig Front - Plackart Ready - Size 12 (A)


Color: MultiCam

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When pre-ordering you order a specific product in the color you choose from the list of colors we offer. When pre-orders end on december 31st, we start the proces of getting materials and start up the production of all products that have been pre-ordered. We start this process as fast as we can, but when you pre-order a product you also accept that lead times depend on how many products we have to manufacture and how fast we can get materials. 

So why do we do pre-orders instead of just making and stocking all colors from the beginning? With this many different types of system-components it would be a very difficult task for us to do. Also we want to avoid manufacturing more than needed and avoid having products in stock that will never leave the shelves. 
By opening up for pre-orders, we make sure that you get the color and the type you buy, faster. Also this allows us to target our products for our customers a lot more precise. 

We stock a limited supply of MultiCam versions of the MCRS - if you order the MultiCam version there's a change that we will ship out your order right away. You can always e-mail us or reach out on Instagram or Facebook, to check current inventory!

Product description:

The MCRS - Infantry Chest Rig Front - Plackart Ready is a hybrid chestrig, combining a traditional chest rig with the concept of interchangable plackarts as seen on various modern plate carriers on the market.

Interchangable plackarts enables the user to quickly change between different setups, while keeping parts of the setup the same. This could be changing between different calibres of weapons, while keeping the same radio and IFAK on the chest rig. 

The "MCRS - Infantry Chest Rig Front - Plackart Ready" is compatible with many other plackarts on the market, using 1" side release buckles. 

The "MCRS - Infantry Chest Rig Front - Plackart Ready,  Size 12" features build-in pockets for safely keeping various items. 

The patch of velcro hook on the side of the chest rig front facing the body, will help stabilize the front to any plate carrier or ballistic vest that has velcro loop on the front. 

On the bottom of the front the additional piece acts as a mounting point for any utility pouch. Although the chest rig is still compatible with traditional danglers and dangler adapters, this features allows for any utility pouch to work as a "dangler pouch". We reccomend you consider the GP Utility Pouch, 6x2 Pro Line

If you choose to start with the 
"MCRS - Infantry Chest Rig Front - Plackart Ready" you have to reach the combination A, B, C, D, E + F.

"E" is for the pair of Metal G-Hooks that allows you to mount the front to whatever harness (B,C) you choose. We sell the Metal G-Hooks separately to cut the cost of the front itself. This allows you to use your own G-Hooks in case you already have some. 

"F" is the "MCRS - MOLLE Plackart" that attaches to the front of this chest rig front. If you want to be able to quickly switch between more plackarts, you can buy more of these as they are sold as individual components.

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