Escape and Evade - String Bag, Medium


Color: MultiCam Original

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The Escape & Evade - String Bag was originally designed to be used as an Escape and Evade alternative to a bigger pack, for snipers or recon units behind enemy lines. In a tactical environment, the pack can be used as an organizer in backpacks. 

In a less tactical environment the Escape and Evade - String Bag can be used as a simple bag for shopping groceries, carrying gym clothes and accessories, or simply for carrying items that don't require a big pack. 

The Escape and Evade - String Bag has a build-in "velcro"-loop panel for name tags or simply just cool morale patches. Like the one in the photo. 

The Escape and Evade - String Bag comes in different colors and in different types of materials. Primarily the bags are made from overrun materials, meaning that the textile used in the bags were leftover materials or textiles that we could get our hands on from our suppliers, that needed to unload their overruns. This essentially means that some bags can be "limited edition" given that we cannot ensure that the exact same materials will be used for this bag at a later point. In a way, it's good for the environment when materials are repurposed in a practical way.


When flat: 
Width: 42,0 cm
Hight: 59,0 cm


MultiCam Original is made from a 330D Cordura, smooth surface, easy to stow in other packs, and lightweight. The 330D has a somewhat smooth surface without being shiny. 

Coyote Brown is made from a 400D Packcloth textile usually used for liners in bags, making it a bit shiny, with a very smooth surface. The smooth surface makes it very dirt- and water-repelling. 

Tan 499 is made from a strong 500D textile, which is the same textile used by virtually all tactical gear made, today. The 500D has an excellent balance between weight and strength. The 500D is a bit rigid and has a more coarse surface. This textile will handle a lot of tear and wear. 

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