Speed Reload Pouch, Pistol v2020


Color: Coyote Brown

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The “Speed Reload Pouch – Pistol V2020” allows the operator to securely carry and quickly draw a pistol magazine. Adjustable tension on the magazine with a jump cord enables a user-adjustable tension on the magazine. The jump cord can be replaced in the field if the jump cord fails but in this unlikely event, the pouch will still hold the magazine.
The Speed Reload Pouch – Pistol V2020 features an open-top design with a stiffened rim and front, that enables fast and secure reinsertion of a full magazine when needed. This enables the operator to focus on potential targets while redistributing magazines on his or her gear.

The bottom of the pouch features a sewn and heat-sealed drain hole that allows for water and debris to escape the pouch.

Unique Features:

  • Fast reloads in one move!
  • Adjustable tension on the magazine with jump cord.
  • Quick and easy reinsertion on magazines.
  • MOLLE- and duty belt compatible.

Compatible with the following magazines or magazines of similar size: 

Glock 17, SIG P320, SIG P320 XFive. H&K USP etc. 

(for Glock 19, h&K USP Compact: see our Speed Reload Pouch, Pistol v2020 Compact


Weight: 39 grams

Mil-spec Cordura
Lasercut Laminated Mil-spec Cordura
Mil-Spec A-A-59826, Bonded Nylon Thread.


Additional information:

The combination of soft and hard parts, allows the pouch to function really well during firefights and will not break from hard daily use in the field. We designed the pouch to stay open enough to insert a new magazine without having to watch the pouch during the process so you can focus on potential targets in the target area. 

The pouch will function even if the bungee cord fails and the bungee cord can easily be replaced in the field. 

The attachment system is compatible with MOLLE/PALS and duty belts for a wider variety of uses.

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