Higgs OCR - Weight Vest - Ranger Green


Color: Ranger Green
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Higgs OCR - Weight Vest is designed to take your workout to the next level by transforming any activity into an exercise by adding weight to your torso in a comfortable and ergonomic way. 

The Higgs OCR - Weight Vest is equipped with a variety of different features, that we over time have improved and developed to keep up with the demands of the users.

The adjustable shoulder straps are designed specifically for OCR by using a 40 mm narrow webbing that allows for more movement when hanging in, or crossing, different types of obstacles. Over time this feature has proven useful for many OCR athletes, to increase their grip strength. 
The shoulder straps can easily be adjusted during the movement for a perfect fit. 

The slick design of the vest (and the Boson Plates) gives you a high-level of mobility and the opportunity to exercise as you usually would with your own body's weight and provides a high level of comfort, as the vest fits very naturally onto the body, and will limit the movement of the vest itself when adjusted correctly. 

The additional loop on the vest can be used for name tags or patches. 


Our cummerbunds come in 2 different sizes to fit as many users as possible. The cummerbunds consist of hook & loop velcro, elastic, and laminate which provides you a close and stable fit that can be adjusted in the front and back.

For a workout that requires quick shifts, the cummerbunds can be placed on top of the front flap instead of locking it underneath the front flap.

The additional loop on the vest can be used for name tags or patches. 

The Higgs OCR - Weight Vest will fit our Boson Plates (that are not included with this product) 

The Boson Plates, made from steel, are triple curved with the ”swimmers-cut” which distributes the weight between the chest and the shoulders. The cut also makes our vest fit both women and men perfectly. 

The Boson Plates are available in two different weights:

• The 2900g plate is the lightest and in a set of two gives
the vest a total weight of approximately 6kg.

• The 4850g plate is the heaviest and in a set of two gives
the vest a total weight of approximately 10kg.

NB! The boson plates are sold separately and are not included with this product!

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