Plate Backer, Delta, LVL IIIA + 55J, Size 10"x12" / 25x30cm, Set of 2

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Soft armor plate backers.

Shape/Size: Size 10"x12" / 25x30cm (often refered to as "medium", but this is not a universally accepted size chart). This is NOT "SAPI-CUT" - the shape of US Military rifle plates. If you need SAPI cut backers, let us know, and we can provide these for you. 

This product consists of 2 identical panels for front and rear of a plate carrier, when soft armor backers are required for a ICW (In Conjunction With) rifle plate. 

Model, type of soft armor: DELTA LVL IIIA + 55J
Thickness: 4,9 mm. 
Manufactured in Denmark by ProtectionGroup Danmark. 

Thread level:
LVL IIIA (NIJ 0101.04) 
NIJ 0115.00 knife resistance: S1/G blade (55 Joules) with a penetration below 20mm
For warranty information, contact:

Ballistic inserts of any kind are not subject for returns as they are labeled with an expiration date and due to the fact that we cannot guarantee the safety of a ballistic panel for another customer, if the ballistic protective product has not been in our possession. This is our policy, so that you as a customer can be assured that you are getting a brand-new, unused ballistic protective insert. 

Please reach out to us if you have any doubts about sizing. 

Rifle plate are not included with this product. Photos of rifle plates are to visualize the size compared to a 10"x12" / 25x30cm

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